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Fashion Demo Reel Backstage Insta (1:00)
Fashion Demo Reel Backstage Trailer (3:00)
Just in XX NYFW FW18 Backstage Insta (1:00)
Greedilous NYFW FW18 Backstage Insta (1:00)
NYFW Son Jung Wan SS19 Backstage Insta (1:00)
NYFW Parsons MFA 2017 Backstage Trailer (3:41)
NYFW Bosideng SS19 Show Part 1 Insta (0:58)
NYFW Mouton Blanc SS19 Show Trailer (4:32)
NYFW CAAFD Pier 59 Backstage Insta (1:00)
NYFW Bosideng SS19 Backstage Insta (1:00)
NYFW Thunyatorn SS19 Show Insta (1:00)
Just in XX NYFW FW18 Show Trailer (3:18)
Just in XX NYFW FW18 Backstage Trailer (5:12)
Greedilous NYFW FW18 Backstage Trailer (3:17)
NYFW Nana Judy SS19 Before/After Show Insta (1:00)
Cutler at NYFW Bosideng SS19 Insta (1:00)
Sam Edelman Southampton (1:00)
Brunello Cucinelli East Hampton (1:00)
Le Board NYC (1:00)
Marina St Barth Bridgehampton (2:04)
Satori Sag Harbor (1:00)
Jimmy Choo East Hampton (1:10)
The Making of Purist at RJD Gallery (5:05)
HIFF25 Baker House Afterparty (2:51)
HIFF25 Farrell House Afterparty (1:11)
The Making of Purist at Le Board 2 (3:14)
Purist - Beach House Photoshoot (1:13)
Paddle Diva Summer 2017 (3:23)
Lelanta, Sag Harbor, NY (5:13)
Trailer: iPlanet Selfie Stick (1:15)